Rynek Wolow

The Economic Merits of Wolow

The admistrative region of Wolow comprises of three counties: Brzeg Dolny, Winsko i Wolow. The region, with a population of 50,000 people, constitutes 3.4% of the Lowersilesian voivodeship, i.e. 675 km2. Wolow, the capital of the region, is less than 40 km from Wroclaw. Wolow is on two main train routes: Wroclaw-Szczecin and Krakow-Berlin. The economic variety of the counties in the region is favourable to integration and influences the fast economic development. Industry, tourism, agriculture, food processing, wood industry are the main directions of development.

Wolow is the heart of the administration of the local government (starosty). Other than the starosty and offices attached to it, there is the Regional Court, the Regional Prosecutor, and the Treasury Office. There exists a well-developed network of banks. There are over 2,200 companies registered in the region, with 1,200 in the Wolow county, creating exceptionally advantagous condition for small and mid-sized companies. Proof of this are prospering family-owned companies like the construction company FAMBUD; OKNO-PLAST - window, door and blinds manufacturer; TERBUD - roof beams; also companies with foreign caprital, for example FRESTEX TEXTILLE FINISHING - a company that improves clothing, and FELSDEKOR OST - artificial stone manufacturer. At the beginning of 2001 ALCO Electronics - Sp. z o.o., a Polish Canadian company joined the group of companies doing business in this region. The company assembles, sells, and services copmuter equipment. ALCO Electronics offers a number of services in the field of electronic circuitry. A modern SMT assembly line and delayed mounting guarantees the highest quality of service. The main product of the factory is a mother board for Intel and AMD processors. Soon the company will begin making graphics cards, and in the not too distant future, LAN cards, sound cards, video cards, and memory circuits. Full automation of the production line and the utilization of the experience of Sono Canada and other research and development groups in Taiwan necessarily give rise to high quality and reliable products. The products are sold not only in Poland but also in the U.S., Canada, the U.K. and Germany. Thanks to ALCO Electronics the region got the name of Silicon Silesia, and the name of our town often appears in the headlines of Polish newspapers. There is a well-organized transportation infrastructure in the region. Przedsiebiorstwo Panstwowej Komunikacji Samochodowej, Intenational Spedition Bogdan Banasik and Autochem-Rokita are the among the speditors. The Wolow Region distinguishes itself with a very good industrial, technical, and social infrastructure. It is an interesting place for investment. Foreign investors noticed the infrastructural merits of Brzeg Dolny by locating their businesses here. Besides the offices of The Chemical Plant ROKITA S.A. and connected firms, there are others: the industrial gas plant BOC GAZY, polyurethane foam manufacturers - VITA POLYMERS POLAND, ORGANIKA MALBORK, ALFA Systems - and also DZG POLSKA Sp. z o.o. producing electric meters.

LINPAC PLASTICS BUKOWICE is new company in Bukowice Industrial Park. It produces food packaging. Town and county Brzeg Dolny is highly distinguished by the Institute of Market Economy Research, which acknowledged the region as exceptionally promising for investors.In this respect, Brzeg Dolny takes 9th place in the country and 2nd in Lower Silesian Winsko is a typical farming county, and 25% of its area is forest. A road goes through the village linking the Lubin basin with the center of the country. The wood industry is the main part of the economy. DREWNOPAK, making skids and other wood products, is one of the companies in this industry. The microclimate of Winsko has been used, even before WWII, to treat lung problems. Tourists and plant and animal researchers can take advantage of the pristine environment of the area, especially in the Jezierza Valley National Park. The numerous old river-beds of the Oder River attract fishermen, and the forests rich in wildlife and undergrowth attract hunters and not only. We reserved some land for new investments, well-situated in the individual counties. Industry, tourism, agriculture, service and trade are the invetments foremost possible.

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