Information about Wroclaw

Located on the Odra River , Wroclaw ( 600 years of tradition ) is the capital city of Lower Silesia, an area which extends along the south-west of Poland. Its dynamic development and expansion has made it the fourth largest city in Poland. The region of Lower Silesia in terms of population and area covers 10% of Poland and aggregates 15% of the economic potential of the country. Wroclaw is a borderland city where Polish, Czech, Austrian and German cultures have intermingled over the centuries. This multicultural character is gaining in importance with the present-day removal of trade barriers and with the unification of Europe. The strategic location of the city (160 km from the border with Germany and 120 km from the border with Czech Republic), together with its economic, scientific and cultural potential, has earned it its reputation as a "Europolis".

The city is home to 13 state and private establishments of higher education, the largest of which are the University, the Technical University and the Academy of Economics. Wroclaw is a city of diversified economy and industry, a dynamically growing financial services sector and of extended transportation network

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