Bukowice Industrial Park was established as industrial property at a distance of 5 km from Brzeg Dolny, at a safe distance from human settlements and is a fully developed industrial zone of over 65 hectares, designated for production facilities and business services for almost every industry (including chemical industry) and it’s classified as high-end industrial construction sites in Poland. The industrial park has been secured with all the necessary modern media: electricity, telecommunication, water, gas, sewer. The entire technical infrastructure has significant reserves that may satisfy every demand of investors even for chemical industry.

Bukowice Industrial Park is one of the best places for industrial investments near Wrocław agglomeration. What matters above all is closeness to Wrocław – the capital city of Lower Silesia, as well as the location in the vicinity of Germany and the Czech Republic. Brzeg Dolny municipality can help smooth the paperwork related to the operation of investment, contribute to the cost of infrastructure as well as provide long-term tax relief. Our industrial estate may be your future business location.

  • Excellent location – close to Wrocław and the A4

  • The proximity of the international airport in Wroclaw

  • Within a radius of 50 km over one million inhabitants

  • The proximity of academic and University of Wroclaw

  • Qualified staff of all levels

  • Help of Brzeg Dolny municipalities in the implementation of the investment.

  • For eligible companies sub-areas of Special Economic Zone ( SEZ  ) can be created at BIP.

Every production engineer knows exactly how important and dangerous for production cycle are micro power outages.

They cause serious outage in factory machinery and in some cases stop whole production lines. Even if the outage is a fraction of the second restarting of the machines takes from minutes to days in case of whole lines therefore potential economical loss of such scenario is very significant.

We are pleased to announce that BIP is currently the larges and closest investment terrain located near to, modernized to the latest switchgear, electric power distribution center located in Oborniki Slaskie.